Here at CedarWaters we are all about building sites and applications that make money! What good is a website unless it actually helps you find new clients?

There are a variety of great tools. The key is coming up with the best marketing plan for your company. We offer free consultations. Fill out the form to the right and let’s talk about how we can get you found online.

Google allows you to pay to put your company at the top of the search engine results. You only pay when people click on your ad. This is a great way to drive traffic and new leads to your site.

Bing Ads function like Google Ads, but many businesses do not use Bing ads, so they are relatively cheaper and can be a very good way to reach out to a large percentage of users.

Facebook allows you to target very specific demographics like Soccer Mom’s, people that recently moved, age groups, and a variety of other very specific niches. Additionally they are very affordable compared to other ads.

Twitter allows you to also send out specific tweets to target specific demographics. Twitter is used by a younger generation a lot and can open up another lead source.

When you type in Google that you are looking for a “local plumber” Google runs a huge algorithm to try and show you the best possible results. We know what to do to get your company on the front page.

What people are saying about you online can be a deal breaker, or seal the deal. We can help you generate good reviews online through targeted campaigns.

Google places great emphasis on their business listing and will often devote half of the front page listing to business listings. Setting that up properly can have an immediate impact on new leads for your company.

One of the key factors to being found online is making sure you are listed in all the online directories with the same information and they are linking back to your main website.

The key to any ongoing marketing campaign is QUALITY content. We have a team of writers that can write amazing articles for you that are optimized for SEO each and every month.

YouTube is owned by Google and a GREAT way to optimize your Google Local listing, as well as bolster the ranking on your main website. We can create SEO optimized videos for you to help you move up in the rankings.

The data doesn’t lie. Email marketing just works. We can set up your website to gather leads, drip campaigns, and even write regular email marketing newsletters for you.

Sometimes people just respond better when they get a postcard in the mail. We can help you design your marketing materials, gather lists of new businesses, or other lists, and set up regular mailers to go out to them.

It is always best to look at what your competitors are doing before starting any marketing campaign. We can help you to analyze what your competitors are doing and come up with a plan to dethrone them!

When you first get started you really need a guide to help you know where to focus your time and money. We can help you create amazing marketing and business plans that you can present to investors and banks to get business loans.

One of the most important metrics that we track is how many people are calling you. We integrate that with Google Analytics so you can see how many organic searches, paid ads, social media campaigns and other marketing campaigns are converting.

Data, data, data! The key to any marketing effort is tracking how well it works! We LOVE data and can help set up your campaigns so they are tracking information across the board.

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