Here at CedarWaters we don’t just develop WordPress plugins for others, we are also contributors to the community and have our own plugin’s.  Here are a few of our plugins.

  • WP SEO Citation Builder – Having CONSISTENT citations are a key component for success in any local rankings.  This plugin allows you to set up a citation in one place on your website and then insert it at the end of ongoing articles automatically with a shortcode.

  • WP Meme Generator – One of the most powerful marketing methods is having your users share memes with their friends for you on social media.  Create your own meme and start a campaign that allows your users to share your personalized memes with others directly from your site.

  • WP Reputation Builder – Your online reputation is the very most important indicator of your success online.  Don’t leave this to chance.  Upload your contacts and send them a request to leave you a review.  IF they leave a positive review they will then be directed to a online review site of your choice (Google, Yelp, etc.).

  • WP SEO Campaign – Optimizing your pages is just the beginning of online success.  To really rank well you need to start an ongoing SEO campaign.  This tool helps you plan what keywords to focus on month after month so your rankings will continue to grow.

  • WP Texting Application – Connecting with users via SMS (Text) is a critical way to get in direct contact with your users.  Set up your site as a Texting application that wil allow them to subscribe on your site.  You can then send out texts to your clients about specials, news, and more!

  • WP Multi-Site Cleanup – When you set up a WordPress Multisite network that allows people to create their own sites often you end up with people that use it once and never again.  This plugin will remind them about it if it goes inactive and automatically delete abandonded sites after warning message.

  • WP Intranet – Set your own Intranet up with a directory of users, an integrated calendar with anniversary dates, birthdays, upcoming events, and document management.

  • WP Community Management – Designed for volunteer community organization where you need to remind people about events, send reminders, and take roll for those that attend, and send automatic follow ups for those that don’t attend.

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