At CedarWaters we have built hundreds of custom software applications. We have found that there are three main principles that lead to success of any project. We develop each project based on these principles.

icons_14 Communication & Transparency

We need to be able to communicate with you about a specific feature or function and you need to know exactly where a project stands at all times. If we are working on a project with you, you will have full access to a project management tool where we will outline (or work with you to outline) the goals and scope of the project. You will have the ability to see recent activity as we work on items, add messages and communicate with us on specific tasks. You know every step of the way and can guide and direct our work together.

icons_15 Goals and Deadlines

We all work best when we have goals and deadlines. Without them we have found that custom software projects too often get put on the back burner. We always try to set up goals and milestones with our clients. Specific and timely deadlines allow for everyone to stay focused on moving projects along.

icons_16 Definition of Project Scope and Responsibilities

When we know exactly what we are doing we work much better together. Through our project management tool we can easily assign tasks to you so you can see what we need from you. You can also assign tasks to us. If anything comes up that is out of the scope of the project we can put that in a Phase II section, or work with you to add it to the project.
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